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Hello & Welcome

I'm Matthias Willemsen

- Full Stack Web Developer -


About Me

I do many other things in the tech world. I freelance for multiple companies, building amazing and scalable applications. Next to the business perspective of things, I try to volunteer and help the next generation achieve higher levels of problem solving and critical thinking. Just scroll down to learn more about me!

Technical World

Some things I do...
CoderDojo Logo

CoderDojo I'm a coach at CoderDojo Zandhoven & CoderDojo Lier. This is a place where children between 12y and 18y learn how to code and work with electronics. My usual job is to coach Web Development and/or Arduino Fundamentals

FabLab Logo

FabLab I'm a Mentor at FabLab Zandhoven. A FabLab is a place where individuals can create anything they can imagine with the free tools that are provided by FabLab. This includes a 100W lasercutter, a CNC Machine and two Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printers. My job is to make sure everything goes well and to answer any questions people may have.

Projects & Companies

A list of projects, both personal and commercial.
icapps Logo

icapps Undisclosed project

Active Backend Development
NodeJS MongoDB
FabLab Logo

FabLab A user management and user interaction tool. Web app and mobile app to be available on IOS & Android

Active Project Web App Mobile App
NestJS Angular K3s
Undisclosed Logo

Red Cross Flanders An advanced scheduling and booking app for company trainings. A BEEGO Project.

Web App
NestJS Angular Heroku
Find Your Talent Logo

Find Your Talent A mobile app to help youth find their talents. In cooperation with iDrops.

Mobile App
NestJS Ionic K3s

BEEGO A custom online platform for BEEGO to manage their consultants and workflow.

Web App Mobile App
NestJS Angular Heroku
HMP Logo

Home Made Paella A web app for ordering paella. Including an interface for distributors and partners.

Web App
NestJS Angular
CCG Logo

Creative Cooling Group A web app for renting out and tracking coolers. Including an interface for independent installers.

Web App
NestJS Angular
District Three Logo

District Three Building an IoT platform to connect all kinds of smart devices. Ranging from climate control to access and motions devices.

Web App
MQTT & Kafka NestJS Angular K3s
Mira Systems Logo

Action4Rights Development of the Action4Rights Platform. A MEAN Stack Web Application for children to create actions, share feedback and communicate with each other. Helping them in their search for identity.

Web App
Angular Express Mongo
Mira Systems Logo

Mira Systems A web development company I created to design modular web applications.

In-House Project Team
FarmLab Logo

FarmLab An IoT Smart Hydroponics farm with an intuitive web portal to view sensors, actuators and overall state.

Web App Hardware
Educational MEAN
iDrops Logo

iDrops Week long robot workshop with the youth of FedAsil Lommel. Brought by Studio Digital, an iDrops initiative.

District Three Logo

District Three A front and back-end website for District Three Lier. This includes an inventory and user system built for the future with new technologies.

Web App
Atech Logo

Atech NV A Wordpress templated created for Atech NV, a transmission company based in Oelegem.

Web Site
CMS Wordpress
Zeppelin Logo

Project Zeppelin This is an open-source project that was built to make learning code easier. The project has a database of multiple programming languages and it's programming ways. It's hosted on GitHub and is editable by anyone. This project was created together with Tom Meyers

Web Site
VueJS Open-Source

AMI IoT Project consisting of a web app and mobile hybrid app to control various sensors and actuators within a house. This ranges from lighting to heating. This app was built on the cordova platform.

Web App Web Site Hardware
Home Automation Cordova IoT